Upcoming Events

August 27 - September 3: Burning Man (Black Rock City, NV)

Black Rock City is where we got started, and it’s still our spiritual home. Come and join us for classes, bondage rides, and other scandalous shenanigans.
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September 23: Bondage for Sex (Seattle, WA)

Sex is what first drew many of us to bondage, and combining sex with bondage is one of our favorite things. All too often, though, erotic bondage ends up being awkward and frustrating. This class will teach you bondage that immobilizes your partner while leaving them exposed and accessible.
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October 7: Bondage for Power (Seattle, WA)

Bondage isn’t just for sex: rope is a great addition to all kinds of play. This class will teach you to use rope to establish and maintain power during a scene, with a particular focus on d/s and pain play.c
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