Please join Suspended Animation for an evening of suspension bondage. One of Seattle's largest suspension-oriented events, Fly is a unique opportunity for the new and curious to rub elbows with some of Seattle's most experienced riggers.

What happens at Fly?

  • Suspension bondage (Lots of it)
  • Shenanigans (Just the right amount)
  • Groovy tunes (Only one at a time)

If you're new to kink and suspension, Fly is a great way to get started. There will be lots to watch, so you are welcome to relax and enjoy the eye candy. If you have questions, our friendly crew will be happy to answer them. And if you're feeling brave, our expert riggers will be offering bondage rides.

Quick! Run out and grab some tickets.

More details

Fly doesn’t have a dress code, but we encourage you to wear something that you find sexy. If you’re hoping to fly, wear something you’d be comfortable doing yoga in, or something you're comfortable taking off.

We welcome guest riggers, but we are picky about safety. We’ll want to chat with you before you rig, and we may decline to let you rig if we aren’t comfortable with your approach to rigging. We don’t generally allow weight-bearing TKs at our events, and we require that all critical vertical lines be synthetic rope or 8mm hemp. If you’re interested in rigging at Fly, we encourage you to drop us a note at [email protected].

Important event policies

  • Alcohol and bondage aren't a good mix: we don't allow alcohol, and ask that you attend sober.
  • To protect everyone's privacy, we don't allow photography.
  • Because this is an adult event, attendees must be 18+ with ID.