Kink on the Playa

Kink at BRC is a little different than at home. Here are some of the key differences that you should keep in mind as you plan for the event.

The desert is hard on people and equipment

The playa is covered with fine alkali dust. The dust is particularly hard on your fingers if you're rigging, so take good care of your cuticles and consider using hand moisturizer before bed. A manicure right before the burn can help your hands survive the playa.

Natural fiber rope and leather are both susceptible to damage from the dust. Everything that goes to the playa gets dusty, no matter how careful you are. Extra coatings of mink oil may help protect both natural fiber rope and leather. You should plan on thoroughly washing or discarding any rope that you take to the playa.

Safe play in the desert

All the usual warnings about staying safe in the desert apply doubly to bondage situations. People who are naked are more susceptible to sunburn. People who are in physically demanding positions are extra-prone to dehydration and heat exhaustion. Plan ahead, and remember to ensure that you and your bottom stay properly hydrated and protected.

There are some unique safety considerations that apply to the playa. First, remember that BRC has limited medical and medevac facilities, and you are hours away from the nearest trauma center. Be even more safety-conscious than usual. Remember also that the playa has some unique hazards, including unpredictable dust storms with near-hurricane force winds. Plan for what you’ll do if a dust storm strikes during the middle of a suspension.

The Burning Man culture

Most of the people you’ll meet at BRC are unfamiliar with BDSM culture and dungeon etiquette. Burning Man is built around a culture of interactivity and radical self-expression, which can create potential problems when you’re in scene. You should expect people to intrude on your scene, and perhaps to try and participate in it in ways that you may find inappropriate. In some cases, you may encounter people who are drunk and aggressive.

The following strategies may be helpful:

  • Remember that you’re in BRC, not in your local dungeon. The culture is different here, and you need to respect it and adapt to it.
  • Plan your rigging to be robust if prodded or jostled by curious onlookers.
  • Consider having a designated person for crowd-control and question-answering.