Our MOOP Plan

Suspended Animation adheres to a strict leave-no-trace regimen. We take Burning Man’s MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) policy seriously, and have consistently been rated green on the post-event MOOP map.

Our MOOP strategy begins with leaving our MOOP at home: we work with our crew to ensure that nobody brings MOOPy materials, and we prepare our construction materials at home to reduce scrap such as metal shavings or sawdust.

Our structures are constructed from materials that have proven themselves MOOP-friendly. Our choice of shade cloth is particularly hardy and does not produce stray material when damaged. The structural rigging rope is marine quality and does not fray. We use rubber flooring material in our performance structure to catch MOOP as well as non-linting carpet in other public areas. Both our public performance space and residential areas are fully enclosed to prevent blow-away MOOP.

We work with United Site Services to collect and dispose of our gray water and our housekeeping team performs daily MOOP sweeps to minimize MOOP accumulation during the week. After we strike camp at the end of the week, we perform an extensive final MOOP walk extending 10’ beyond our camp borders.