Suspended Animation is a large Burning Man camp dedicated to kink, and in particular to suspension bondage. We host a wide range of events including classes, performances, play parties, guerrilla bondage, and bondage rides.

Suspended Animation welcomes respectful adults of all genders, orientations, body types, and skill levels.

What is suspension bondage?

We practice all kinds of kink, but our specialty is full-suspension rope bondage—tying people up and suspending them in mid air. We believe this is one of the most beautiful forms of BDSM, as well as being a tremendous amount of fun.

The experience of full-suspension bondage varies widely depending on the rigger and the person being suspended. It can be sexy, beautiful, relaxing, meditative, strenuous, excruciating, or silly. Want to know more? Come and watch, or maybe even give it a try.

What is Suspended Animation like?

If you’ve never been to a kinky club before, you may be wondering what to expect. The short answer is that it’s a lot less scary than you may be expecting.

Our vibe is friendly and low-key, with an emphasis on making everyone feel welcome and safe. Most of our events are spectator-friendly, and you’re welcome to grab a cushion, enjoy the shade, and watch what's going on. A few of our events are for participants only, and those events require that you arrive with a partner.

Guest riggers

We love meeting new people, and we especially enjoy connecting with other riggers. Please come visit us if you’re on playa! If you’re able to, it’s best if you contact us before the burn.

We are open to having guest riggers use our space, although we are picky about safety and technique. Before you rig with us, we’ll want to talk with you about your rigging style. In particular, you should be aware that we have some unusual (and somewhat controversial) rules:

  • We don’t allow any ties that support body weight from the upper arms. In particular, we don’t allow any form of the TK for suspension.
  • We require that critical vertical lines be 8mm hemp or a suitable synthetic material.


In January of 2018, Suspended Animation’s education branch became a separate organization, Full Circle Kink. The two organizations remain closely affiliated.

Suspended Animation continues to teach classes at Burning Man, but Full Circle now teaches all of SA’s former classes outside Black Rock City.